Since 2013, GreenSong has been bringing people together to educate, volunteer, fund-raise, and raise awareness for our global future. We aim to inspire others to take a deeper role in protecting and preserving our planet, people, and the spirit in all of creation.

GreenSong has partnered with Sera & Jason Drevenak of the North American Bushcraft School of Hedgesville, WV in helping underprivileged youth through their "School of the Woods". They are working directly with their local Department of Human Services office to find and determine which children will benefit most from their Summer Camp Programming. As GreenSong advances in our efforts, we will directly sponsor at least one child per summer and will continue to sponsor more children with each passing year as their program grows.


In the Week Long Immersion Program campers learn about the technologies and tools Native Americans and early frontier people utilized daily to produce food, shelter, water, music and thrive off of the land. Along with constructing a shelter that will be their "home away from home" for the week, each camper will help prepare morning and evening meals over a campfire and stone oven.

Staff to student ratio is very low to insure one on one time for all. Campers will also practice listening, communication, empathy and awareness skills, using themes of the forest. Conflict resolution and teamwork are a part of every activity and experience at the School of the Woods.

Cause Kids

By the end of the week campers will be able to construct several types of shelters and set up a camp site, produce fire with modern flint and steel, identify numerous natural & synthetic tinders, dozens of native edible, medicinal & useful plants, as well as trees and animal tracks, learn the basics of back country wilderness medicine, use a bow & drill fire kit, make an arrowhead, navigate with and without a map and compass, cook efficiently over an open fire, make baskets and natural cordage.

With your support, you can help GreenSong pay it forward ensuring that these historical skills are not lost to the winds of technology and that future generations will have the ability to survive any kind of climate or environmental calamities that loom in the future of this dynamic, ever-changing planet.

By bridging the gap between willing volunteers and those in need, GreenSong helps this wonderful organization in accomplishing their mission. If you are interested in donating your time, please contact where you will find volunteer information and an option for direct donation.