GreenSong 2020

In these uncertain times . . .

the need to evolve is ever pressing as we move forward into uncharted territory of this new era. In continuing with the environmental and personal growth opportunities, the stage has been set in the digital world this year and GreenSong intends to evolve accordingly with the . . .

GreenSong Change Maker Series October 31st through December 19th

In this 8-week series, every Saturday evening starting at 8pm EST we will live stream a new presenter speaking on real-world issues that will provide us with the necessary information and skills to assist our collective navigation forward followed by musical artists with stimulating messages to inspire us to get involved in creating change for the better. Remember to Like & Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications and you can also watch at your leisure at a later time, either way, we encourage you to help support our presenters and performers by donating a love offering for their efforts because we're all in this together and the only way we can make it through these tumultuous times is through sharing the LOVE! Join us and become a Change Maker!


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