The GreenSong 2020 Gathering has a number of positions available for people who would like to work in exchange for discounted entry to the event. Most involve helping on one of the following teams: setup/breakdown (tarps, tents/canopies, firewood, etc.), registration, Elder assistant, parking, golf cart transport, medical care, and other basic essential tasks.

Worktraders must agree to contribute a minimum of 5 hours of labor with alternate choices of 7 or 10 hours and a $10 per hour discount off the full price event ticket. We don't feed work traders. Ideally, work traders will complete half of their hours during the event and half of their hours pre- or post-event.

Please note that this is an application only, and does not guarantee you a work-trade position. You will be contacted if your application is accepted.

If your application is accepted you will be provided with a discount code to use when paying for your ticket.

There are a limited number of work-trade positions, and newly available positions will be updated. Please apply only if you feel passionate about being a part of creating an experience that will bring people together and may change lives for the better!