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Are campfires permitted?
Yes, within the more than 30 fire pits that are available at various campsites. Wood is available too, and it is free as long as the cord lasts.

Can I bring a bicycle?
Yes, we encourage it. Remember, however, this is mountain terrain, so a regular street bicycle is not advised.

Can I bring a pet?
Pets must be leashed at all times and their shots must be up to date. Please let the staff know and pre-register your pets and service animals.

Are there showers for campers?
Yes, there are two shower houses available for men and women.

What bathrooms are available for campers?
There are brick and mortar bathrooms as well as porta potties located in various places on the grounds.

Is there electricity?
The cabins have electricity, but there is none in the camping or vending areas. If vendors need electricity, please talk to the festival merchant coordinator about your options.

Is there a meal plan for the event?
Not this year. You are responsible for your own meals. You may purchase food from the vendors on site. The vendors will be providing vegetarian and vegan options.

Do you sell drinks and ice?
There will be vendors available selling these items.

Are pre-reservations really necessary?
Yes. If you want to sleep in a cabin, then yes, you will have to pre-register for one. If you are tenting or day-tripping then no.

Will my tickets be mailed to me?
No. Your Eventbrite confirmation is your receipt. When you pay via Eventbrite, you are added to our registration database. You will simply give your name at the gate. Each group or sets of registrations is kept under the name attached to the Eventbrite account. If you pay by phone, mail or in person, we will send you an email confirmation.

Can I mail in payment for my reservations?
Yes! You must send your check BEFORE the July 1st cutoff date. You may send check or money order, along with your email address, so that, once your check clears, we can send you the confirmation code you will need to register on the Eventbrite site. Please make checks payable to GreenSong Incorporated, and snail mail to: PO Box 33 Live Oak, FL 32064

Can I pay by check at the gate?

We want to share a cabin with our friends. Can we pay for our reservations separately and still get the same cabin?
Yes. You must both prepay to be placed together. Just indicate the name of the friend and we will assign you together. Make sure the friend also puts your name in the email they send to us.

I am coming to the festival alone, can I still get a cabin?
Yes. We have cabins set aside for single attendees to share with others that are attending alone. You have the option of renting a room with two beds or just a bed in a large shared room that you will choose at the time of registration. REMEMBER THAT SPACE IS LIMITED, SO REGISTER EARLY.

Do I need to bring bedding if staying in a cabin?

Can I stay nearby, not at the camp, and still attend daily, or do I have to stay at the festival site?
You may certainly stay offsite. There are accommodations nearby that you can find here: Should I bring all my medications? Yes, and we also suggest that you write down all important health information and put it somewhere handy in case of an emergency.

Can I bring medication that requires refrigeration?
Yes. Please make sure it is labeled with your name on it, and you can store it in your cabin refrigerator. If you are camping, please contact one of our first-aid staff and we'll take care of you.

Can you accommodate special food needs?
No. If you have special health concerns, please bring your own food.

Can I get a refund if necessary?
Yes. You can apply for a refund 30 days prior to the festival Date, after that, we are unable to refund. This includes refunds due to severe weather, festival cancelation, or other "acts of god".

What do I need to bring with me?
See below for a suggested camping list. You don't have to bring it all, just enough to be comfortable in the great outdoors! [Borrowed from another site (thanks PUF!)] Everything with * after it is most important:

Air Mattress

Antibacterial Towelettes


Battery Operated Lanterns



Bug Spray

Business Cards

Camp Chair

Candles (flameless please)

Comb and or brush

Deodorant (PLEASE)




Even more drinks (hydration is important!)

Fan, Feast Gear***(REDUCE THE USE with Non-disposable, silverware, cups, plates.)***

Food (For your own personal use, especially if you have food allergies)

Grill (to cook your own food)

Garbage Bags*** (This is a Green Event so please leave no trace behind) ***

Glasses (Prescription and sun)

Good Attitude***



Hand and body lotion

Ice chest








Knap Sack

Lip balm

Lunch stuff



Musical instruments



Outdoor state of mind***

Personal Necessities (towels, soap, shampoo, medication, in short everything you need to be comfortable)


Rain Gear

Sanitizing hand gel

Shampoo and conditioner










Toothbrush ~ toothpaste, mouthwash





Yellow submarine

Zest for life!