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"Food Banks, and Time Banks, and Barter - Oh My!- It's important to acknowledge the cultural change that's involved in moving away from the cash economy and toward swapping, bartering, and other alternatives. Finding ways to live outside of our current debt cycle is an absolute necessity for many, but can also be rewarding and give you a glimpse of what life might be like in a world without debt. It will require cultivating personal values and taking actions that often stand in stark contrast to the ones our consumers culture promotes so aggressively"

In this trance journey, you will have an opportunity to broaden your imaginative experience. First you will interact with all four elements. Then you seek a situation where your question may be answered. Bring something to lie down on and don't eat just before this journey. You don't have to have previous experience to do this.

How to start taking small steps to reduce the waste that you and your family produce..

The onslaught of negative news stories about the state of our world can be overwhelming. And if you are aware and paying attention and not turning away, you're likely struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, hopelessness, powerlessness, grief and/or fatalism. This workshop will be an opportunity to share some of those feelings and get them out of your head. Then, let's talk about what can ease those emotions. . No matter what the future brings, you'll need to know that you can go on and help yourself and others to survive and thrive.

Come learn the myriad ways the meat industry contributes to the greenhouse gas problem, exacerbating climate change. Going vegan or just reducing your meat consumption and introducing more plant-based meals into your weekly diet can have a significant impact. We'll explore easy ways to start switching you and your family's focus from meat as your primary source of protein to a more diverse, colorful, and flavorful plant-focused diet.

Microgreens are the first couple leaves to emerge after a seed has sprouted. These tiny plants are powerhouses of nutrition, containing up to 40x more vitamins and minerals than the fully-grown vegetable. They can be grown on your counter year-round and are thus a way to easily get fresh greens even in the wintertime or during the hottest part of the summer. Come learn how to grow microgreens for you and your family. We'll also share some of the ups and downs we've experienced turning our microgreens mini-farming into a business.

Must we change? Can we change? Will we change? These questions are at the heart of The Climate Reality Project, an organization founded and led by former Vice President Al Gore. We'll take a look at what's happening in the environment, both locally and globally, and how that impacts the lives of people, especially communities of color and low income communities.

Then we'll explore the solutions that already exist to address the climate crisis. We already have what we need to reverse the current trends, if only we could build greater awareness of and support for these solutions.

Finally, we'll prove that we can indeed make the necessary changes if we get enough people on board. And we'll show you how you can take action. There is hope. And there's still time to address the climate crisis. But we do need to act!

In this time of climate instability and political chaos, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. It's tempting to give up and withdraw, to "go back to sleep". How do we stay hopeful and connected when we're exhausted and afraid? How might we move from burn-out and despair to a place of connection and hope?

This presentation is an introduction to Joanna Macy's The Work that Reconnects. Joanna's work is at the interface of social action and spiritual breakthrough and has long been inspired by Rilke's Book of Hours. The sequence of this work takes on the spiral, always coming back onto itself but never to quite the same point. We'll travel this spiral beginning with Gratitude, moving to Honoring Our Pain for the World, to Seeing with New Eyes and Going Forth.

Based on Joanna Macy's work on the Great Turning, The Work that Reconnects is a transformational group of practices and theory that offers active hope, resiliency and connection. This interactive workshop draws from Deep Ecology and Systems Theory to travel through a spiral of gratitude, honoring our grief, seeing with new eyes and going forth. We'll discover our deep connection to each other and the web of life, and renew ourselves with practices to carry us through the important work of staying awake and resisting with whole and hopeful hearts.

Efficient fire - less wood, less smoke, quicker coffee. Exploring rocket stove science and some ways to translate that into action using the materials at hand, cans, bricks, and the earth itself.

I have a tarp, how do I translate that into shelter? Includes tarp configurations, knots, lashings.

Why and how to catch the rain, including how much to expect for your region and possibilities for filtration.

Simple infusions of herbal allies for nourishing the body.

Make one or more meals over the fire using handmade utensils and featuring foods familiar to our ancestors! Bring your appetite! We will use several ingenious traditional cooking methods.

Experience the Cordage Museum! Learn to identify and prepare useful fibers from animals and plants. Practice techniques for making fine, strong cordage or rope in 2-ply and 3-ply, by hand and using simple but clever traditional tools.

Using these fun and illuminating exercises, train your senses to alert you to what is happening around you. Spot more wildlife, avoid dangers and seize opportunities outdoors and in.

Wonder what birds share our site? Meet up early morning to watch and listen, with a Naturalist who can identify them. Bring binoculars if you have them.

Singing Together - Therapy for the Soul

Salve and Balm have four basic ingredients: Skin nourishing oils, infused with potent plant medicines, thickened with raw beeswax, plus essential oils. Similarly, Bread also has very few ingredients. Yet you know the great variety of breads and cakes in the world. The same is true for salve.

Salve making has been my "bread and Shea butter" for many years and I am going to teach you how to make truly superlative salve. Total beginners are totally welcome but this class is so packed with hacks that it is valuable to all. We're going to go deep, get oily, dabble in the science of fats, and everyone will have a great hair day tomorrow!

Best part is you get to take home our own class co-creation! I'll have many rare exotic carrier oils, and oodles of essential oils to play with.

Free to attend.

$5 - Personalize your own custom salve.

Special family pricing for additional volumes.

Trades encouraged!

Class Capacity 18

Age 12+

Have you ever achieved that thoughtless bliss while dancing or drumming? There is a state of mind called Flow. Achieving it is one of the reasons we recreate, and I believe it is medicine for our brains. I found my moving meditation with poi, which is a native Maori dance of twirling pendulums. In the modern flow art, this is usually done with nice soft sock poi, or... We make them out of chain and Kevlar, soak them in fuel, and BURN THEMMM! (Safely and while hopefully not igniting ourselves! Fear not, I also teach the burn salve making class...)

    We'll discuss such things as:
  • -How to be a good Safety, in detail.
  • -What to wear (hint: natural fibers or nothing) and Not to wear (synthetics)
  • -We will practice extinguishing a lit prop.
  • -If you/we achieve certain things you may spin fire in class, or even at the main fire!

Youth over 7 with real interest are welcome.

Parental supervision to dance with fire required.

$3 Fee is only for those using fuel.

Class Capacity 8

Come to Bush Ninja's medicine blanket to hear about ancient and ancestral plant medicines of Southern Africa, and the mysticism surrounding them. Medicines that humans evolved alongside. Some are unique in their action, and can help us in this very age.

You'll get to try them!

There's an uplifting happy little succulent with serotonin effects that was used in sacred dancing rituals.

A rare white root said to give you dreams and regenerate nerve tissue.

A powerful digestive tonic and well as the most bitter taste you've ever had.

(It's great!)

And more!

Free to attend, No limit

Trades and Purchases available

These conversations are a Deep Dive and assessment of our personal connection to Nature. Our time together embodies the cycles and seasons of Nature that support Keeping Sacred ceremony in our everyday lives. This exploration helps us to integrate our hard and soft Earthskills into sustainable wellness and Inner peace. The wisdom of inner tracking, culture as it informs codes of conduct, Ecology of the Soul.

This offering is a closer examination of the Elemental forces..(Earth, Water, Fire and Air) internally and externally that access our natural superpowers or mystical practices. How are we tending our Spiritual Gardens? Who are our Herbal Allies? Are we Healing? What is the Healing Balm we are most in need of for this season of the Earth's evolutions? What truly amplifies the Light in our Lighthouses?

is designed to explore the practical application of ancient rituals and tools that move us around the Medicine of Life or the Sacred Hoop of Generational passages. What is the North, South, East and West on our path of Destiny? and what tool shall we create to navigate our way? Talking stick, prayer arrow, sacred shield, windchime??? These teachings share the numerology on our birthdate as the Blueprint for All our choices between Heaven and earth, from Birth to Death.

The Agreements between the Living, Dead and those waiting to BE born come from the Northeast of the Wheel. Oftentimes Life's tragedies and challenges are revealed through the absence or mystery of our personal lineages, the historical lineage on the land where we live...and definitely the covenants between our ancestors and those closest to our hearts. This is a wide ranging Adventure which depends directly on the participants. It could be as entertaining as family ghost stories or as specific as the difference between altars and shrines and how to work with the power of Nature, Spirit and Culture... rather than against it. Ancestor Veneration 101

Music and Activism

An organized system to start and complete the journey to sustainable homesteading. Answers: should I, can I, and how.

Continues from Homesteading 101. More advanced concepts such as making a living from homesteading.

How to grow $700 worth of produce in a space as small as 10x10 square ft. - how to be a "lazy (but super productive) gardener" a workshop for folks who (think) they have too little room to grow in.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • TIPS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR YIELD and minimize your labor!

PLUS!  Receive 3 FREE simple garden designs that you can "plug & plant" straight away when you sign-up for our newsletter


In this workshop, you will come to know:

In this workshop, you will come to know:

  • a beautiful American seed story
  • Easy seeds to harvest and preserve

In this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Vermicomposting
  • Bokashi Method
  • Hot and Cold Composting

Intentional Community

What is it? Why would someone want to be a Ham? (Public service, Emergency Services) How does it operate? (propagation, repeaters, voice, data, satellites) Different types of radios, and their advantages and disadvantages

Rules and Regulations

Q and A

Choosing a Site, Location, Shadowing, Roof or Ground Mount, Distance.

Why 48 volts is better than 12, Ampasity, and Hazards.

Equipment, MPPT, Battery Monitoring Systems, Batteries (Lead Acid and why Lipfo4 is better).

Fuses, Circuit Breakers and Metering.

Lighting and Point of use Regulation for Lower Voltage Devices.

Q and A

Because our school system offered almost no training in talking/listening and conflict resolution, many of us don't realize that we lack these skills. The good news is that they're easy to understand and attain.

We benefit from the work of (1) Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, (2) Dudley Weeks, 3-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of 'The 8 Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution,'and the Harvard Negotiation Project's Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen, co-authors of 'Difficult Conversations.'

This workshop gives us the opportunity to both survey and practice the skills that help us get along better with both ourselves and other people. And have fun while doing it.

On Sept 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria ravaged St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The storm unleashed powerful winds and heavy rainfall, tearing off roofs, downing trees and decimating the communications and power grid across the island. What lessons of preparation and recovery can we learn from St Croix?

We'll explore the drumming traditions from West Africa. No experience required! Bring a drum, if you have one.

What medicinal, food, and utilitarian plants will we find on site? Better understanding of our plant allies helps us deepen our relationship with the natural world.

Drying food is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. Dehydrating food is easy to do, and the end products are highly nutritious and convenient to store. It is a skill-set everyone should master and use regularly. We will discuss safely drying all types of foods, how to prepare and package foods, and how to assemble meal packages suitable for home storage, camping trips, and survival preparedness. We will do lots of demonstrations using a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats, load a dehydrator, and have finished samples for you to try. We will also have samples of packaged meals and suggested menus. Don't miss this very important workshop on food preservation.

Every person young or old, should know the basics of fire-building. We will demonstrate many ways of getting a fire started in any weather conditions, and in any type of emergency situation. This exciting, fast-paced workshop will amaze you with the unique and improbable ways you can get that lifesaving fire going without matches or a lighter. I'll show you how to use the sun, air, water, and trash to kindle a survival fire. Improbable items like rocks, metal and even a pencil are potential fire-starters. Fire is one of the most basic necessities, and having the skills and confidence to provide fire can save your life. Lots of demonstrations, expect some real surprises, and practice some techniques yourself. This is a workshop you will definitely want to attend.

In order to fully love, appreciate, and protect the environment you need direct connections to nature in your life experiences. Birds are good at providing that. In particular, Eastern Bluebirds can be excellent teachers for both adults and children alike. These fascinating birds have an important place in our history, and are readily adaptable to living as neighbors at your place. Come and learn about the unique habits of this incredible bird and their importance to your family life, farmstead, or gardens. They are beautiful to observe, have a wonderful musical language, and are voracious insect-eaters. As part of this workshop you will build a bluebird nesting box to take home and install in your yard. "If you build it…they will come" We have built more than 9,000 nesting boxes since 1989. Have fun while learning about these incredible birds. This workshop is suitable for all ages. (There is a $10 materials fee per nesting box kit, registration limited to twenty participants)

We'll discuss the use of cultures, types of cultures, and low tech/low cost production of this healthy food. We'll make 2 quarts of raw milk yogurt so you can see the process and discuss other uses for yogurt besides granola. Hopefully, workshop folks will get to sample some fresh homemade nectar of the goddess and carry home a starter to make your own.

Wrap your mind around the world of knitting. By learning two basic stitches you can create more than scarves hats and socks (although in the winter they're hard to beat!). Harvest/storage bags, washcloths and all kinds of useful eco friendly items can be created with two sticks and a string. Limit 6 folks

This will be a discussion group to share ideas about how we view our health and how we can support and maintain it. We will share philosophies of health and healing, healing modalities, approaches to healing and share resources for "in the ditches" medicine including supplies, sources of information and learning and strategies for self reliance. This workshop is not for indoctrination. It is for preparation and clarity. The time to think about/plan is BEFORE you need it NOT in the middle of a crises.

Many Earth loving folk are choosing to live in a more connected way to their landbase. Like the back-to-the-land movements of earlier generations, we are learning the ways of soil and sun, rain and seeds. Are you thinking this is right for you but unsure where to start? This workshop is for you. Basics of permaculture, orchard management, pest management and soil amendments will help you find your own way, even in an urban setting, to put down some strong roots.

Folk techniques brought by immigrants of the British Isles melded with native herbal wisdom to create a vibrant healing tradition in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Explore the culture, heritage, remedies, herbs, and the twisty history of hoodoo and traditional mountain medicine. Learn deep relaxation techniques & spend time with the Seven Sovereign Sisters of the Appalachian mountains.

So much of the interconnected global economy is dominated by capitalism and the domination language found in Genesis that is foundational to these global movements. This workshop proposes a return to animism and the incorporation of this ancient notion into the political arena as well as the economic one. How would this change these systems in the face of global climate transition? Is it even possible?e

What do you need to know in a crisis situation? Ways to prepare to get out of your area safely and what items need to be in your gig bag for basic survival. Necessary items to have in the trunk to maintain and keep your vehicle on the road. Learn about the basic skills you should study and review with your family members via written resources (not online--print these sources out) and basic map-reading. How to pinpoint the closest safe areas and how to acquire edible food, clean water, safe shelter. How to help each other with low or no tech triage and medic info. The very basics of SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape).

$2 materials fee, to cover printed materials

Who am I?
What am I doing here?
Where am I going ?

These are the central questions to "The journey Within." It has been said that the only real story in life is "your story!" This working is dedicated to exploring the “how” of that Journey.

Developmental Milestones do not stop after childhood / youth. They continue throughout our lifetime. How we meet these "challenges" directly influences who we are, how we function, and the decisions we make.

Using his "Mental Toolbox", Wolfie will introduce the various aspects, concepts, and notions which most find useful to discern our life paths. And so... be mindful that... "If we do not know where we have been, we can hardly know where we are going!" Seeking understanding, and knowing your own story, can yield significant insights & new understandings of who we are, and what we need to do as we step into the future. All Change comes from within!

The implications are profound!

Learn to work with the most powerful tool you have, and learn what your relationship with it is. Learn how to use it in your daily life with plants, trees, water, and all life around you. Work with them to make life flow easier.

We are all connected to Source energy. We all have the potential to channel this energy in whatever way is most suited to our abilities.

A short history of percussion instruments with hands on crafting of your own Rainstick and discussion of the many methods with which we 'keep time' today. Materials fee $5. Please sign up prior to class.

A short introduction to basic stringed instruments and practical lesson on soundchambers, culminating in building your own personal cigarbox or tin canjo, and a short playing lesson. Bring your own cigar box or shallow tin if you like! Materials fee $20. Please sign up prior to class.

Introduction to Qi Gung and Tai Chi. The exercises are simple and easy to follow along and are practiced to acquaint the participant with these two forms. Some movement and a seated meditation are included.

AKA Change some threads and save our future

One wise Grandmaster told me that the most sacred of journeys, is from the heart of a child, to the mind of the adult, and back again... Then one day I understood what he was saying, we were all stuck in our heads, we had disconnected from our natural state of being, the place where we shared, we cared, we laughed, and where we loved without conditions. In order to fit into our societies version of adulthood or adult mind. By the time we reached adult hood and our cultural conditioning was complete, we had disconnected from nature, we had disconnected from our divine nature, we had disconnected from each other, and because of our disconnect, our empathy and emotions had nowhere to go and so we numbed our humanness with money, addictions, retail therapies, competition, hate, and our perpetual quest for more... Why do we need to mend our stories and in a time of the apparent collapse of our society, and why are you even concerned about stories. Because stories shape our world and our children's reality, stories allow us to shift our perceptions, and break free from cultural restraints. Because stories allow us to see past a challenge with hope and inspiration of a better way. Because stories expand our awareness and can rekindle the child heart within each of us that society has numbed and silenced for the sake of progress and profit.. Are we ready to do the work of the heart and give our seventh generation a chance at life? If the answer is Yes then we must rewrite our stories to encompass our interconnectedness, unity in diversity, tales of overcoming obstacles with justice, integrity, truth, peace and love. Are we ready?

In this workshop we reclaim the wisdoms of our Grandparents and their grandparents. We will be reconnecting with a simpler way to improve our health. we will simplify some of the simple skills like making your own apple cider vinegar, and why should we make our own. We will discuss the possibilities of healing medicines growing in your yard and how to preserve those wellness allies in vinegar, oil, alcohol, honey, or in a combination like an oxymel, so you can heal like our ancestors did in ancient times.

Materials fee $5.00 to make your own oxymel to take home.

(Aka How to grow a healthier tomorrow though a Grandmothers eyes.)

Our world can be a scary place right now with so much darkness and friction occurring daily. It is in these pre-growth times when our shells break open that we start to see proof of new growth. First the shell of our future seeds must crack open, then roots grow before we stretch way beyond our comfort zones and our visible becoming begins.... Our world needs healers, our world needs healing, our world needs nurturing and love, but before that can happen We need to choose which seeds we with nurture, that will nurture us in return. Our future generations, our planet, and our own wellness requests that we Return to Love.

To inspire people to take action on environmental issues, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests we should give people more than information alone; we should give them compelling reasons to care. In this workshop, we will explore five core communications principles from the University of Florida’s Center for Public Interest Communications, which attendees can apply to help people care more about their work. Featuring examples from forestry and land conservation efforts, this hands-on session will show participants how to apply these rules to their own work and give them a framework--based on social, behavioral and cognitive science--for designing new communications strategies.